The Memory of the Past for Challenges in the Future

Written by  Alfredo Santini
«The will to set off towards a future that can draw its vital energy only from the past.»
The solemn celebrations in commemoration of the one hundred and sixtieth anniversary of the foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara assume a symbolic value on the eve of the new millennium, at a time in which the banking sector is going through a process of development that will require a determined commitment to change.

Established in its asset structure, profitable and industrious, the Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara is relying on its own human and financial resources to tackle the new market scenario. In this regard it is particularly important to bring on a new crop of young people with a good grounding in theory who will then be trained in the field as they work alongside more expert colleagues. The result should lend new thrust to the bank's activities without any loss of skills and values matured in the past.

Monetary Union means that Europe and Italy have to redesign their industrial and financial systems: banks can contribute to this process by offering greater competence, efficiency and the capacity to respond quickly to the demands of a rapidly evolving society.
The integration of the international financial markets and the development of innovational forms of managed saving offer the client an extraordinary variety of options. In this way the clientele has become more and more selective, which brings local banks face to face with the need to offer a "catalogue" of financial products that is both complete and capable of meeting all requirements. On the other hand business no longer requires simply commercial credit, but credit for investments, services and know-how at an international level.

The survival of local banks will hinge on their capacity to be an integrating and dynamic part of the societies in which they operate, by facilitating the economic progress of their respective areas. At a local level we have reached a dimension that allows us to propose ourselves as a credible partner in strategic alliances - selected by the Fondazione and private shareholders - which, by opening up wider perspectives, will allow us to capitalize on our presence in a territory with a wealth of businesses with a European outlook.

The Cassa, with more than 30% of the loans market, 40% of deposits and, on the average, one current account for every family in Ferrara, has the right skills, the energy and the enthusiasm to meet the challenge of the coming years.