Monday, 15 September 2008 09:18

Ancient Tapestries to Be Saved

The tapestries of the Museo del Duomo in Ferrara.
The project on the part of the Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara to finance the restoration of the eight tapestries depicting scenes frorn the Lives of Saints George and Maurelius belonging to the Museum of the Cathedral of Ferrara represents one of the most meritorious schemes undertaken by a foundation that for many years now has been contributing generously to the conservation and safeguarding of the city's artistic heritage.
The forthcoming removal of the cathedral museum from its present quarters above the atrium of the church offers a perfect opportunity to proceed with the repairs to these magnificent illustrated works.
Published in Num. 6
The celebrated work of the Ferrarese painter reveals a profound significance.
One of the principal difficulties one encounters in a review of Cosmé Tura's artistic development arises from the virtual impossibility of finding reliable historical documentation regarding the surviving works. In point of fact the archives provide plenty of information and dates relative to the high standards of craftsmanship that the artist was never to forswear throughout his long career.
Published in Num. 11