Written by  Alfredo Santini

This is an edition full of celebrations.
We celebrate the re-appearance of the first edition of the Orlando furioso, after five hundred years of oblivion, and two other monumental works, Paolo Baratella's great painting in the Cathedral's 'new' sacristy, and the much-loved church of San Giuliano. But we also celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of a scheme that encourages our young people to enjoy and appreciate the culture of cinematography.

Gaetano Tumiati explores some places in the city not with nostalgia but with all the excitement of fresh discovery.
We consider the past and future of our region, celebrating its renaissance Delizie and welcoming the establishment of the Po Delta national park.
Enrico Granieri uncovers the first description of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis in the diaries of Augustus d'Este.
Finally, we return to the cinema and literature, in particular with a fresh look at the last three novels by Roberto Pazzi.