Written by  Alfredo Santini
This number opens with a piece that we pride ourelves with: an article by Andrea Camilleri as a gift in fond memory of Roseda Tumiati Ravenna. Even though it refers to the cinema, the text also can also be read as a detective story, where the ironical tone describes a series of inferences that may be unravelled by the reader to his or her taste. Ferrara. Voci di una citta, offers a well-rounded portrait of a leading cultural figure in Ferrara, Renzo Bonfiglioli, a great collector and music patron. This is a well-deserved profile of an important figure in post-war Ferrara. There is a rich section devoted to studies on the history of art and stories related to Ferrara culture: from an account of the sale of the House of Este painting collection to the Prince-Elector of Saxony; the restoration of the Immaculate Conception mural in the Voghiera church; the frescos in the Church of San Guglielmo; to a piece on the Council of Ferrara, an important milestone in the reconciliation between the Latin and Greek churches. Remaining in the renaissance period, there is an enquiry into a curious narrative poem on the art of hunting by Ercole Strozzi, a poet of the Este court. In addition to the portrait of Bonfiglioli, further investigations were made into more recent Ferrara history and its illustrious sons:  the famous  Gatti Casazza  dynasty,  with the legendary general manager of  La  Scala and the  New York Metropolitan Opera, Giulio, standing out in particular; and Temistocle Solera, librettist of Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco, and author of the famous "Va Pensiero" verses. The piece by Cesare Moisè Finzi, cardiologist and writer, provides an important insight into the troubled history of the twentieth century, as he relives his childhood destroyed by the racial laws and persecution of Jews. Gianni Venturi illustrates the latest volume in the bank's collection, which will come out as a Christmas gift, and is edited by Andrea Emiliani and himself. Finally, the children's author, Luigi Dal Cin writes about a meeting with his young readers, their questions and their touching, wisdom-filled answers.