Written by  Alfredo Santini
This issue comes out at an important moment for the Fondazione: on the eve of the traditional meeting for the approval of the final balance but especially of the emanation of the proposed law regarding the future of such bodies. We wanted to celebrate these appointments with a special number in commemoration of our city's many legendary figures by a means of a series of cameos that might constitute a gallery of highly significant portraits.

From Francesco Viviani, who paid for his moral rectitude with his life, to Gaetano Recchi, the founder of the Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara and an outstanding example of probity and energy, to Adriano Franceschini, a rare example of a tireless scholar, and to Isabella d'Este, a case of Italian fashion flair ante litteram.
We have come to feel that these personalities, like many others we intend to remember in future issues, are the tutelary deities of our city and a guarantee of a cultural and civic vitality that does us honour.

We'll also be talking about the complex history of the Palazzina Marfisa and its legendary garden "that doesn't exist", as well of the difficult relationship between Ferrara and its artists and of a business organization unique of its kind in Italy, Navale Assicurazioni, as well as of that important and as yet not completely explored area that is Eighteenth century Ferrara.
For the future we have committed ourselves to supporting some new university faculties and research into biology, agriculture and technology, with a view to extending the scope of our city's offering.

Other articles round off this NUMBER, which joins previous issues IN its bid TO portray the great destiny OF the city, WHERE the Fondazione intends TO CONTINUE breathing life AND energy INTO those PUBLIC AND private bodies that promote cultural, social AND civil development. AND ALL IN a spirit OF concord aimed AT achieving commonly held goals that may overcome the ever present dangers OF apathy AND environmental OR institutional jealousies.