Written by  Alfredo Santini
This magazine number, which seems to deal with various and diversified subjects and themes, proves to be monothematic as regards the title of the magazine, which is Ferrara.

And Ferrara is here described on every page and from every point of view, together with its palaces, such as the one of Don Julius of the Este Family, a famous historical protagonist, where the prefecture is now located, its architects, such as John Baptist Aleotti or contemporary engineers and technicians, the places where you can linger, which are described as a not always easy world of places and trends by a young writer with great narrative power, the great Renaissance heritage, which was restored with difficulty by Cassa di Risparmio Foundation, recovering four paintings, or the ghost of the descendants of the members of the Este Family, which was removed from Castle courtyard walls.

The work also deals with other themes, such as the discovery of Valle Ponti's ancient ship or the restoration of two different but symptomatic ancient works, such as the restoration of the monastery of Jesuati or Mario Capuzzo's works on Duce's history reappearing behind the plaster which are painted on Cassa di Risparmio's grand staircase, indicating that, as Sironi believed, works prevail over historical events, only attesting artistic skills. Finally, there are a suggestive trip to Po River which is projected on the screen and two very nice articles written by two writers who are different one from the other, but who are "Ferrarese", Gaetano Tumiati and Roberto Pazzi.

It is not only a rich and suggestive study of Ferrarese culture, but also of the history of a town which constantly provides, within its glorious province, works, people and memorable places dear to our collective consciousness and to our life.