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Florestano Vancini : a memoir Hit by a thunderbolt that determined a career and style of life. “In my day, it made a difference whether you were born and raised inside or outside the walls. Ferrara seemed to be a fortified place compared to that limitless countryside, poor and hard-working, and my father was only the Boara postman….” Florestano Vancini, who died on 18 September 2008 last, was physically born inside the walls, on 24 August 1926 in the hospital. However he was raised in Boara, the first village on the road to Copparo, and not “inside” the walled city.
Boldini in Paris The relationship between Boldini and French Impressionism will be explored in this great exhibition. Boldini painted a fascinating picture called Cantante mondana [“Society singer”] in the mid-1880s. It shows a snapshot of the Paris of the late nineteen-hundreds - the life, the cafés and the music halls that the artist patronised along with his friends and fellow-painters like Degas - and as such lay outside the area for which he was renowned, namely portrait painting.
It's all in the blood Impromptu thoughts of a "Dolomite-Po Valley man" My mother was tall and slim, with a consciously understated beauty; on the contrary, my athletic father was well aware of his good looks, tanned by the Cortina sun. She was from a good Ferrara family, had a diploma from the music conservatory and was anything but sporty; he was a ski and ice-hockey champion and mountain climber, from a modest family who were photography pioneers in this remote corner of Italy.
Story of a insolvent bank Luigi Franceschini and the "Piccolo Credito" bank, as remembered by his son. This is a nice “vintage” photograph taken at the San Girolamo Piazza eighty years ago.  It is a  souvenir photo with a certain historical interest: the  three people on  the right were very important characters in the story of  the insolvency of a Ferrara  bank, the  “ Piccolo   Credito ” : my  father,  the lawyer   Luigi   Franceschini,  who  was  the  receiver  appointed  by   the  Court   of   Ferrara ;   to  his  right,
Mystery and blades of grass in Filippo De Pisis The re-emergence of the herbarium collected by the Ferrara painter as a young man. The artistic sensibility of many leading cultural figures was cultivated by collecting grasses, herbs and flowers stalks, to then smoothen them out and press them between sheets of blotting paper:Obviously the great naturalists were enthusiasts, but world-famous thinkers also shared this hobby (Rousseau,Goethe,von Chamisso and Hesse), as well as poets,

La Laurea Honoris Causa ad Alfredo Santini

Written by  Sergio Lenzi

Il conferimento ad Alfredo Santini della Laurea Honoris Causa.Il conferimento ad Alfredo Santini della Laurea Honoris Causa in Economia Aziendale Management e Professioni, tenutosi il 23 febbraio scorso, rappresenta un importante riconoscimento che l’Università di Ferrara ha voluto tributare ad un uomo che da sempre si dedica con passione, umanità e carisma alla crescita di Ferrara. Pubblicare in questa sede i testi di Patrizio Bianchi, Rettore dell’Ateneo, e di Giancarlo Pola, Preside della Facoltà di Economia, che hanno introdotto la Lectio Doctoralis di Alfredo Santini, rappresenta un’occasione per condividere quell’importante giornata anche con chi non ha potuto parteciparvi. Allo stesso tempo ci è parso giusto omaggio fissarne memoria tra le pagine di questa rivista, creatura essa stessa di Alfredo Santini, a render testimonianza di un percorso che ha saputo dare un contributo determinante allo sviluppo economico, sociale e culturale di Ferrara e del suo territorio. Al nostro neo-Dottore in Economia vanno le mie personali e affettuose felicitazioni assieme a quelle dell’intero Consiglio di Amministrazione della Fondazione Carife.