Monday, 15 September 2008 09:24

Boldini: Works on Paper

An exhibition and a catalogue devoted to Giovanni Boldini.
Sixty-two years have gone by since Cesare Brandi set up, in the Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo Hall of the Palazzo dei Diamanti, the original nucleus of the Museo Giovanni Boldini, thus adopting the museological criterion that Giuseppe Agnelli had suggested to the Fascist governor of Ferrara, Renzo Ravenna, as early as 1931.

Forty years later, the municipal and regional authorities of Ferrara successfully negotiated with Emilio Cardona the purchase of another part of the great Ferrarese's collection, considerably enriching the original nucleus of the Museo Boldini and making it the most important concentration of the master's work in existence: about 1700 items including oil paintings, water colours, pastels, drawings, sketches, engravings and personal effects belonging to the artist. But that material has never been wholly catalogued or photographed, nor has a general catalogue of the collection ever been published.

Published in Num. 6